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Why invest with us


Hancock & Gore Limited (H&G) has partnered in the growth of great Australian businesses since 1898. As one of Australia's oldest listed companies it has a 100 plus year history of delivering shareholders long term investment returns. H&G continues in that tradition, seeking to build great companies and deliver shareholders great investment returns.


We focus on long term investment returns

H&G targets long term investment returns from a portfolio of companies with differing maturity profiles, which combine to both maximise short term income generation and longer-term capital profits. 

Significant investment outperformance typically emerges in a 5 to 10 year time horizon from first investment, so shorter term strategies are required to complement in the earlier years.


We build great companies and brands

H&G seeks to build great companies and brands through partnering access to capital with managerial talent. We target investments and management teams that we believe have the ability to maximise prevailing economic conditions and opportunities or complement existing portfolio investments.


We have proven record of great results

The management team is aligned to investors via substantial equity investment and performance hurdles. Long term investment returns of greater than 15% per annum have been delivered by the management team across their careers from executing the investment strategy adopted by H&G.