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Corporate Governance
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The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility to its shareholders for the strategy and performance of the Company in general. The Board is dedicated to fulfilling these duties in a lawful and professional manner, and with the utmost integrity and objectivity. One component used to achieve this outcome is the operation of effective corporate governance structures of Hancock & Gore. The Board is committed to ensuring that governance structures in place are both effective and efficient for the Group, given its size and market capitalisation.

The Board is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the running of the Company. The Board’s role is to govern the Company rather than to manage it. In governing the Company, the Directors must act in the best interests of the Company as a whole.


It is the role of senior management to manage the Company in accordance with the direction and delegations of the Board and the responsibility of the Board to oversee the activities of management in carrying out these delegated duties.


A summary of the corporate governance practices and policies can be found in the annual corporate governance statement below. This report is a snapshot of the structures in place as at the date stated in the report. For ease of reference this statement has been presented consistently with ASX Corporate Governance Principles. On at least an annual basis, the Board reviews these practices and policies to ensure they continue to assist HGL with its corporate governance.


Copies of key corporate governance documents can be accessed through the links below.




Codes and Policies



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