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Medium to long term high conviction strategic investments focused on building strong businesses, with H&G providing key value-added services including operational expertise, M&A and long-term value realisation strategies.

Investors Home

Below you will find ASX announcements, important key dates, annual reports, half year accounts and the dividend history of Hancock & Gore. In the Investor Centre of our share registry, Computershare Investor Services, shareholders can:

  • Register to receive Annual Reports electronically;

  • Access and update information held by our Share Registry;

  • View information relating to dividend and transaction history;

  • Lodge a Tax File Number; and

  • Download forms, change address details, and add or amend direct credit details.

01. Reports

Annual Reports

Half Year Reports

02. Hancock & Gore Investors

Shareholder Registry

Our Board

Corporate Governance

02. Investors Announcements

ASX Announcements

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