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Strategic Capital

Active private and listed strategic investments, where H&G adds value by working collaboratively with management to restructure, drive growth and add required operating expertise.


Disruptive Packaging

Disruptive Packaging is an innovative and fast-growing manufacturer of Unicor®, a 100% recyclable product with numerous global commercial applications.

The unique strength and sustainable properties of Unicor® is unmatched in the packaging market, delivering performance, aesthetics and supply chain cost savings for its customers in the fresh produce and seafood wholesale markets. Made up of 70% natural elements, Unicor® directly replaces wax cardboard and polystyrene being phased out of the packaging industry.

The Unicor® product has also been leveraged in other applications, including for export pallets and construction pods.

H&G holds an approximate 15% interest in DP both directly and through a H&G managed syndicate.



Rino Recycling

Rino has been established by Queensland Recycling Technologies (QRT), a joint venture between Alceon Qld and Brisbane Recycling Consortium (BRC), through the purchase of recycling business assets from an existing company based in Eagle Farm.

The purchase has provided Rino with existing recycling components, and a significant footprint to service the Brisbane market with two commercial waste recycling transfer stations at Pinkenba – Rino headquarters – and a river sand quarry at Waterford.

Processing an astonishing 475 tonnes of waste every hour, 1.5 million tonnes per year, the Pinkenba facility, the first of its kind and the largest in the world by volume, will recover over 90% of waste. An unprecedented standard in the realm of recycling.

See for more information.




Established in 2005 as a biotech company, Anagenics has evolved into a growing beauty, health and wellness business with a strong portfolio of functional skin, hair and wellness brands. The company own a beauty distribution company, BLC Cosmetics, which distributes some of the leading names in the beauty and skincare sector. It also develops, manufactures and markets two beauty and wellness brands; Uspa and Evolis.

Anagenics focus today is driving growth by maximising opportunities, building unique patented technologies, commercialising everyday products and developing strategic brand partnerships via a portfolio group.

See Anagenics Limited (ASX: AN1) – Home to Beauty, Health and Wellness Brands & Product solutions for more information.


The H&G Strategic Capital portfolio provides exposure to strong risk adjusted returns, cash generation and enhanced diversification.

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