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H&G High Conviction Limited

H&G High Conviction Limited is an investment company with a focus on risk adjusted returns through constructing a high conviction portfolio of microcap ASX-listed companies.


Investment Philosophy

H&G High Conviction invests on a multi-year horizon in a concentrated portfolio of ASX-listed microcap companies, a niche segment of the market.

Microcaps are a segment of the market that is overlooked by the majority of institutions due to size, meaning frequent inefficiencies in security prices and opportunities to buy stakes in businesses at attractive valuations.

By insisting on paying low prices for good value in companies with aligned management and creating a margin of safety via thorough research and informational edge, HCF targets double digit risk-adjusted returns over the market cycle.

As a key differentiator, HCF actively engages with investee companies. This is crucial for microcaps, where success is heavily reliant on a small group of key people. We leverage this strategic approach to help unlock the full value of management teams and core assets.

Our primary goals are to minimise capital loss and focus on long-term capital growth and income from portfolio companies.

HCF June 2024 Performance Graph_edited.j

*If $10,000 was invested at IPO in Oct 2022, and if dividends were re-invested at post tax NTA over the period, the value of the investment at 30 June 2024 would be worth $11,503.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns..

Investment Team



Portfolio Manager

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Our History

In June 2022, H&G High Conviction Limited was formed and acquired its initial investment portfolio of cash and ASX-listed securities in exchange for shares in H&G High Conviction Limited.


H&G High Conviction Limited has appointed H&G Investment Management Ltd as its investment manager and adopted the investment strategy described below.

Approximately 75% in value of the initial investment portfolio was acquired from the H&G High Conviction Fund.  The H&G High Conviction Fund was launched in November 2007 by the Manager (then named 'Supervised Investments Australia Limited').

H&G Investment Management Ltd has been the investment manager of the H&G High Conviction Fund since its inception and over this period has adopted a fundamentals-based investment strategy focused on investment in micro capitalisation companies, which is consistent with the company's investment strategy described below.

Historical Performance

Post Tax Performance as of 30 Jun 2024
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Since IPO

HCF total portfolio return*






ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index






Over / (Under) Performance






*HCF total portfolio return (TPR) combines the change in value of the post-tax NTA per share with dividends reinvested. Above TPR calculation do not take into account franking credits which may be of benefit to certain shareholders. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Have any questions about the company's holdings, strategy & policies?

We encourage new, existing and prospective investors to book an appointment to access the portfolio management team.

Our Board


David Groves



Nicolas Atkinson

Non Executive Director

Dennison Headshot_edited.jpg

Dennison Hambling

Non-Executive Director

Business Meeting

Our Strategy

The company invests its capital in companies with a significant discount in the share price relative to perceived inherent value.


These companies have superior fundamental prospects, yet negative external events have attracted a flight of investors.


The company seeks to assist investee companies to demonstrate, grow and realise their inherent value.

What We Look For





Below Intrinsic Value



Market Cap

Board and Management

Own  > 10%

Catalysts to Realise Inherent Value

Dividend/Distribution Policy

The Company intends to pay dividends to Shareholders, where and when available, from the dividends received from underlying Portfolio Companies, and a portion of realised profits from the sale of securities in Portfolio Companies, provided that the Company has sufficient profit reserves and franking credits, and it is within prudent business practices to do so.

As the investment strategy of the Company includes long term capital growth through investments in ASX-listed companies with a market capitalisation of up to $300 million, it is possible that dividends may be low (or nil) in any given period.  In particular, there is a risk that dividends received from underlying Portfolio Companies may be low (or nil) during initial investment years due to the nature of the Portfolio Companies and their stage of commercialisation, which may impact on the Company's ability to pay dividends to Shareholders and the size and level of franking on any such dividend.

However, the amount of any dividend will be at the complete discretion of the Board and will depend on a number of factors, including expectations of future earnings, capital requirements, financial conditions, future prospects, laws relating to dividends and other factors that the Board deem relevant.  It is the current policy of the Board that all dividends paid to Shareholders will be franked to 100% (or to the maximum extent possible without incurring liability to franking deficit tax).  However, no assurances can be given by any person, including the Directors, about the payment of any dividend and the level of franking on any such dividend.

Current Structure / Organisation

*charged by the investment manager, H&G Investment Management Limited


Management Fee

1% of gross asset value plus GST p.a. paid monthly in arrears

Performance Fee

20% of pre-tax benchmark outperformance, with a highwater mark, paid semi-annually


5% P.A.

Our Goals

The company is aiming to provide its investors with access to:

  • a highly experienced and active investment manager with expertise and a strong track record in ASX-listed equities;

  • a concentrated portfolio of approximately 20 – 25 investments in ASX-listed micro capitalisation companies (with market capitalisations under $300 million at the time of the initial investment);

  • an actively managed, fundamentals-based investment approach with a focus on capital preservation, long term capital growth and income from its investments; and

  • targeting attractive performance of at least 10% per annum (after all fees).


Important Information & Documents

Share Registry

Registry Direct Limited
PO Box 18366
Collins Street East
Melbourne VIC 8003

H&G Investment Management has an array of solutions for those that want results beyond the average that traditional indexes offer

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